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Planning Design Group

Established 1985

Why Choose PDG

Our clients choose us because of our creative and comprehensive approach to every project, our management record of cost control and our ability to meet critical time schedules. The scope of our projects varies in size from master planning new residential golf communities to designing small public parks.repliche orologi We feel PDG’s successful execution of projects is based on our ability to solve problems on either scale.

Our clients say...

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"PDG is very conscious of the budget we set, and they have done very well in completing projects within the budget. It's like our checkbook is theirs. At times we have to make last minute adjustments to a job's budget due to cost increases. When this happens, PDG helps us identify some alternates that we could bid. Generally, their cost estimates have come in right on the money."

"We were impressed with the creativity that they showed in the way of developing park properties. To see a group that specializes so much and do such a good job in total park planning and development of the individual elements within a park, made us want to go with PDG."

"They came in with some pretty creative theme ideas for the parks and how things would fit together. We have been very pleased with the ideas that PDG brings. They do a lot of research and bring a lot of creative process to the table." Larry Ogle | Oklahoma City Parks and Recreation
"They are not only talented, but they are friendly, personable people who take ownership of our project as though it were theirs. That gives us a lot of comfort. We consider them friends and they take strong ownership in the project along with us."

"This is where they are so creative. It’s going to impact a lot of things from parks, to firehouses, to schools, home sites-you name it. They are very involved and have helped us change the quality of life here in Owasso and the Tulsa metro area." Dave Charney | Owasso Land Trust
"PDG is very talented with their ideas and their creativity; but at the same time they are realistic with their numbers and what it costs to do things. Even though our budgets tend to be small, they understand this and are always willing to work with us in everything from big projects to little projects."

"I always rely on their expertise in all planning areas. Park planning may seem simple with federal funds, but we don’t have the expertise to get things designed, implemented, and meet the standards the federal government requires. They are experts at that aspect and we can rely on the fact that they are going to take care of them for us." Mark Wilkerson | Director of Muskogee Park and Recreation Department
"We’ve used PDG for quite some time. In my opinion those guys are extremely talented, and that’s why we continue to use them, because they are so talented."

"PDG is always able to meet any budget requirements and constraints we give them.rolex falsi There are times when we turn them loose and they are able to do more high end projects with the flick of a switch." Pete Kourtis | Owasso Land Trust

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