Porno vidéos Planning Design Group - Tulsa

Planning Design Group

Established 1985

St. John's Medical Center

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Working closely with project architects and engineers, Planning Design Group was enlisted to help design and implement a new master plan for the St. John’s Medical Campus.  The extensive plan had to strategically place two new health care structures and an 1800-car parking facility within the existing medical campus.  Surrounded by a residential neighborhood, two arterial streets, and Tulsa’s premier outdoor shopping district, the Master Plan for the new campus had to address issues such as landscape buffers, pedestrian access and walkways, streetscape, building massing, and traffic control.

The design team strategically placed access points at major buildings and created a fluent pedestrian loop  linking buildings with the parking facilities on campus. Street-level pedestrian pathways feature streetscaping with ornamental lighting, benches, water features, landscaping, and ornamental paving. The entry plaza acts as both the central focal point for the hospital and as the main drop-off and pick-up location for visitors and patients. The plaza contains ornamental paving and lighting, benches, and a variety of potted landscaping to break up the mass of surrounding structures.

The successful execution of the master plan has created a balance between new and existing buildings, landscaping, and vehicular and pedestrian traffic.