Porno vidéos Planning Design Group - Tulsa

Planning Design Group

Established 1985

First Presbyterian Church Tulsa

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Planning Design Group, working with Cyntergy AEC as the prime consultant, completed the design for the Landscape Design of  the entire church campus, streetscape, playground areas for two different age groups, an adult outdoor classroom, and a central courtyard that provides a secure outdoor area to which the Welcome Center and Worship space can flow were completed.

The streetscape design stays with the same scheme as the City of Tulsa downtown streetscape design.  This includes tree plantings, lighting, and revised pedestrian path ways.  The courtyard area will consist of decorative paving consisting of Pennsylvania Bluestone and Granite Pavers, a central fountain, and planting surrounding the entire area.  This courtyard will house church events, social gatherings, weddings and will also be a place for relaxation.  Construction of the church renovation and all amenities was complete in the 2012.  The Estimated Construction Cost for this project was $28 Million.