Porno vidéos Planning Design Group - Tulsa

Planning Design Group

Established 1985

LaFortune Tennis Center

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Planning Design Group was hired to design the Master Plan for the Tennis Facility and provide construction documents and construction management for Phase I and Phase II of the four-phase project. Enhancements or additions to the site include the addition of nine new tennis courts, renovations or reconstruction of 12 existing tennis courts, the design of a new pro-shop and three indoor tennis courts, and the design for plaza areas, spectator seating, court lighting, ADA accessibility.  Also included in the design was the striping of youth tennis courts. 

Phase I of the project opened in 2008 and Phase II opened in 2010.  The two additional phases of the project are scheduled for completion when funding becomes available.  To date construction costs on the project have totaled near $3,000,000.