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Planning Design Group

Established 1985

Depot District Master Plan

Muskogee, Oklahoma

Downtown Muskogee is divided into seven districts. Planning Design Group was retained to develop a master plan for the Depot District, which includes several key public facilities within downtown Muskogee. These facilities include: The Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame, Three Rivers Historical Museum, and The Muskogee Little Theater. Building upon these key facilities and attractions, PDG developed a mixed-use Arts and Entertainment District Master Plan that incorporates residential, hotel, retail, office and restaurant uses all organized around new pedestrian friendly streetscaping and a central urban park dubbed Depot Green. New gateway entry markers were designed in order to create identifiable access points into the district and to create a distinct, identifiable brand for the area. 
In addition, the PDG team explored opportunities to enhance the connectivity of the Depot District to the greater downtown area by identifying potential connections to the citywide trail system and designing future trail expansions throughout the Depot District.  Upon completion of the Master Plan, The City Foundation retained PDG to implement Phase I of Depot Green and a new trail connection. The trail and Depot Green projects are currently in the construction document phase, with anticipated construction to begin in early 2019.