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Planning Design Group

Established 1985

Stone Caynon

Owasso, Oklahoma

Stone Canyon is a planned residential community that sits on one of the most scenic areas of Oklahoma.  At 3,300 acres, it will be the largest residential development in the state.

PDG has worked closely with the developers in creating this master plan.  The design includes a number of amenities such as a 100-acre lake, walking trails, an elementary school, and more than 650 acres of undeveloped green space.  With the natural beauty of the property, PDG strived to enhance every element native to the area, from the open meadows in the north, to the cavernous canyons and stone bluffs in the south.

Phase I is under construction and includes the perimeter wall and fence treatment, roadways, and 174 home sites located in the northeast section.  Future phases area planned with an ultimate total of 1,800 -2,100 homes built at Stone Canyon.