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Planning Design Group

Established 1985

B.A. East Side Study

Broken Arrow, OK

In 2007, Planning Design Group was selected to work with the City of Broken Arrow and retained through private funding to complete the Broken Arrow East Side Study Master Plan. The project consisted of creating a land use master plan for an area of over 3,000 acres experiencing rapid growth located in eastern Broken Arrow. This master planning effort included land use, vehicular circulation, and pedestrian connection recommendations for the entire study area. Based on this planning concept, the City of Broken Arrow updated the Comprehensive Plan in order to incorporate all of the PDG planning recommendations. The PDG master plan recommendations continue to direct and inform growth for the project area today.
Also included in the East Side Study Master Plan was a conceptual master plan for a proposed festival park in east Broken Arrow. The Festival Park is approximately 40 acres in size. Included in the park design is an amphitheater that will accommodate several thousand spectators, sports fields, a water park, and a stadium for public use. Based on this concept, the City of Broken Arrow passed a bond issue that allows for the purchase of a 40 acre site to house the festival park.