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Planning Design Group

Established 1985

Golf Course Design

Heckenkemper Golf Course Design a subsidiary of Planning Design Group has successfully completed many high quality golf courses by blending art and science to craft strategic and scenic projects.  We have earned a reputation for our environmentally sensitive designs.  Choosing to be in harmony with the site, many natural hazards are thoughtfully integrated into the strategy of each golf hole design. Unlike many firms, we begin each project with no specific preconceived ideas of the style or character that the golf course should reflect.  Rather we carefully listen to our client’s thoughts and ideas and together develop a list of goals and objectives for constructing the proposed golf course project.  These are defined to create a vision statement that becomes the foundation in which the design of the golf course is based. Even though our clients vision and purpose are unique to one another, sound design principles are implemented to create a golf course that provides a quality golfing experience for every caliber of player.