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Planning Design Group

Established 1985

Territory Golf Course

Duncan, OK

The Territory Golf Club development resides on 640 acres of rolling terrain and offers many upscale facilities to its members and guests.  Golf Week magazine selected the Territory Golf course as one of their “Top Ten New Courses” constructed since 2004.  This award winning course includes a driving range encompassing approximately 12 acres, a 15,000 square foot putting green, a 5,000 square foot chipping green, and three par-3 practice holes, making this facility ideal for golfers. In addition, Planning Design Group has worked directly with Heckenkemper Golf Course Design to provide country club members with other amenities including a luxurious swimming pool, pro shop, clubhouse, and croquet courts.
In conjunction with the Golf Club, residential development was located along and adjacent to the golf course, as shown in the Master Plan created by Planning Design Group.  With custom built quality homes placed along this award winning golf course, Territory Golf Club offers its patrons a unique golf-centered lifestyle afforded by the few.