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Established 1985

Honor Heights Park Butterfly Gardens

Muskogee, Oklahoma

Honor Heights Park is Muskogee’s number one tourism attraction. Anyone who has visited the park during either the Azalea Festival or the Garden of Lights knows these attractions bring visitors to Muskogee from all over the region. This new facility draws groups of all ages and will continue the development of Birds, Blooms, and Butterflies as Muskogee’s tourism theme. The education center provides opportunities for seminars, special events, displays, and lecture series. The center has a full glass wall overlooking the gardens. The outdoor gardens exhibit colorful and unusual plants from all over the world as well as trial gardens. This unique structure serves as a captive sanctuary for many varieties of Oklahoma native butterflies and allow visitors an up close and personal experience. This exhibit also displays many butterfly attracting plants that visitors can grow at home. PDG provided planting design, lansdscape architecture, bid package, and construction adminimstartion for the project.