Planning Design Group

Established 1985

Urban Infill Redevelopment

PDG’s planning and urban design staff works with a variety of clients to produce urban infill mixed-use, residential, commercial and/or office site plans.  Often these projects focus on vacant or underutilized parcels that have been purchased for redevelopment with the intent to revitalize and/or catalyze new investment in the project area. It’s PDG mission to deliver well designed site plans that fit within the projects urban context and adhere to core urban design principals that place an emphasis on the pedestrian experience. Design factors such as increased density, careful placement and proportioning of public spaces, appropraite parking locations, increased connectivity, the detailing of buildings and how they are arranged on a site, and the creation of an inviting, attractive public realm must be thoughtfully designed in order to create desirable, livable, and successful project that enhance quality of life and reinvestment into existing urban areas. 

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