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Planning Design Group

Established 1985

Conor Cummings

Conor joined Planning Design Group and Heckenkemper Golf in 2014 as a full time employee and was located in Las Vegas, NV.  There he provided construction administration on the Las Vegas Wash Golf Course Project for Heckenkemper Golf.  Conor is now working for both Heckenkemper Golf and Planning Design Group.  Since moving back to the office in 2015, Conor has been a great asset with regards to Golf Course Design and Golf Course Construction oversight.  He has professional experience in the Golf Course industry where he gained his experience in design, construction and maintenance of golf course facilities.  With PDG, he has been a part of multiple projects including work on entry gateways, land planning, and nature trails.  His responsibilities within the company encompass all phases of computer graphics, design development, and construction document preparation. 

Conor obtained his Bachelors degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Arkansas and his Master's Degree from the University of Oklahoma.

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