Planning Design Group

Established 1985


August 21, 2009


Tulsa, OK – August 21 – Over 150 people gathered at Clarehouse to celebrate the opening of the new 14,000 square foot, 10 bedroom home that will be used to care for dying people and their families in the last stages of life.  

 “This new home is an amazing gift to our community, from our community.”  said Kelley Scott, Executive Director, who developed this concept almost 10 years ago.  “It’s a dream come true beyond all imagining.  It is gorgeous to every fine detail.  But the true beauty of this home is that it was conceived, designed, built and decorated to recognize and honor the dignity of every human being that lives here.”

Clarehouse, located at 7617 S. Mingo, has built a state-of-the art facility with a warm, cozy atmosphere.  It will be home to 10 guests at one time.  As well as making the guest as comfortable as possible, each room includes an oversized chair and daybed for the family.  All rooms have private balconies with double doors to accommodate the hospital beds if the guest chooses to go outside.  There are two beautiful extra living areas for family overflow and a spa, where guests can get a massage, take a tub bath, or get their hair washed.  The area is beautifully landscaped, with memorial rocks speckling the grounds.  There is a labyrinth and an open chapel that sits under the trees just east of the house. Friends and supporters flooded Clarehouse to see the new home and shower Clarehouse with gifts. Continued support is needed as Clarehouse offers services at no cost to the guest or their family.


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