Landscape Architecture Services

Landscape Architecture

Our Landscape Architects and Designers analyze, plan, design, manage, and nurture the built and natural environments. We design parks and open spaces, campuses, streetscapes, trails, plazas, and other projects that help define a community, and we work to incorporate sustainable design standards in all of our projects.

Urban Design + Planning

We consider the unique environmental, political, financial, and sociological issues of each project, which vary in size from comprehensive plans and downtown master plans to designing small public parks.

Community Planning

PDG works to help improve the quality of life through development of walkable, master-planned communities and small infill developments. We help communities plan for accessible, affordable housing and embrace sustainable practices.

Codes + Design Standards

PDG’s planning studio specializes in writing and updating zoning and development codes, including zoning ordinances, form-based codes, development design standards and guidelines, conventional zoning, and other aspects of both municipal and private development ordinances. PDG’s planning work is grounded in our firm’s capabilities in Landscape Architecture. The combination of these two disciplines in our office ensure success from concept through construction documentation and implementation.

Parks + Recreation

Population growth in our urban and suburban communities drives the preservation of adequate green space and recreational opportunities for the benefit of the people who live in these communities. PDG works with public and private developers to include active and passive play, adult recreation, and educational opportunities for all.


PDG leads the design and development of multi-family housing complexes, including landscape design, pools, site amenities, site planning, trails, playgrounds, and pet amenities.


Whether we are designing a splash pad, residential pool, neighborhood pool, community pool, country club pool, or large city aquatics facility, PDG provides an aquatics facility designed for entertainment and a place to relax, bringing youth and communities together, and providing affordable family fun.


Working with our sister firm Heckenkemper Golf Design, PDG blends art and science to craft strategic and scenic golf course projects. We have earned a reputation for our environmentally sensitive designs, integrating many natural hazards into the strategy of each golf hole and applying sound design principles to create a golf course that provides a quality experience for every caliber of player.