OZ Village Urban Infill Site Plan

Bentonville, Arkansas

Oz Village is envisioned to be a contextually-sensitive pocket home community with eleven (11) single family homes that share a central common green. The green space opens up to NW A Street on the west and N. Main Street on the east. The central community green is designed with gateway markers at both ends of the development that serve as a welcome into the community and provide sidewalks, large trees, and attractive landscaping that leads to the front doors of each unit. In order to promote community gathering and neighborly interactions, each unit within Oz Village has been designed with large front porches that face the central community green. Designed within the central community green are seating areas, an outdoor fire-pit, and a pergola that provides residents a space for everyday relaxation as well as special events. Additional green space includes private side yards and a private outdoor patio space for each unit within the development. PDG provided urban design, site planning, creation of zoning regulations, and took the project through the rezoning process.