Connecting A Community To The Past.

And Its People To Each Other.

Harmony Bridge

From Underutilized Park To Dynamic Urban Oasis


The Perfect Blend of Playability and Beauty

TPC Scottsdale Champions Course

A Sustainable Campus Designed To Inspire

SEG Campus

Creating First-Class Fun For The Whole Family

Cedar Ridge Pool


Our diverse team of planners, designers, landscape architects, and construction administrators specialize in providing a comprehensive set of landscape architecture services, including city and community planning, urban development, streetscape design and more.

Landscape Architecture

We work to create and restore every space we touch—designing spaces full of timeless beauty that enhance livability and brighten communities.

Urban Design + Planning

From streetscape design to development planning, we help strengthen communities by creating distinct, memorable spaces that make working, living, and playing—easier.

Community Planning

With every project we take on, we look to breathe new life into a forgotten space and redefine what that space means to its community.

Parks + Recreation

We design everything from regional parks to dynamic sports complexes with the goal of not only maximizing the space but what it means to those who visit.


With every project we take on, we look to breathe new life into a forgotten space and redefine what that space means to its community.


From commercial swimming pools to splash pads and other water features, our aquatic designs are centered on family-fun and ultimate relaxation.


With stunning layouts and scenic designs, our courses, in conjunction with Heckenkemper Golf Course Design, are made with the perfect mix of playability and beauty—bringing a tour-quality experience to every golfer who steps foot on a PDG designed golf course.

From Initial Concept Through

Final Construction

With a "hands-on" management approach rooted in collaboration, at PDG, we ensure your project is on time and within budget by involving a firm principal throughout the entire process—from the first concept all the way to final construction and beyond.

Planning & Programming
  • Site analysis
  • Programming
  • Confirm goals, needs, and envisioned operations
  • Community outreach
  • Project team meetings
  • Schematic design
  • Design development
  • Construction documents
  • Cost estimating
Construction Administration
  • Bidding
  • Contract assistance
  • Scheduling
  • On-site observation
  • RFIs, RFPs, and field directives
  • Contract close out
On-Going Support
  • Post project audits
  • Interpret feedback and provide solutions
  • Maintenance recommendations
  • Construction documents

About PDG

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and established in 1985, our firm has more than 35 years of knowledge and national experience in building communities, driving growth, and creating stunning spaces.


Our Client Stories

"They are not only talented, but they are friendly, personable people who take ownership of our project as though it were theirs. That gives us a lot of comfort. We consider them friends and they take strong ownership in the project along with us. 

Our projects impact a lot of things from parks, to firehouses, to schools, home sites-you name it. They are very involved and have helped us change the quality of life here in Owasso and the Tulsa metro area."

David Charney

Owner of Charney Properties

"PDG is very talented with their ideas and their creativity; but at the same time they are realistic with their numbers and what it costs to do things. Even though our budgets tend to be small, they understand this and are always willing to work with us in everything from big projects to little projects."

Mark Wilkerson

City of Muskogee, Director of Parks and Recreation

"PDG is very conscious of the budget we set, and they have done very well in completing projects within the budget. It’s like our checkbook is theirs. At times we have to make last minute adjustments to a job’s budget due to cost increases. When this happens, PDG helps us identify some alternates that we could bid. Generally, their cost estimates have come in right on the money.” “We were impressed with the creativity that they showed in the way of developing park properties. To see a group that specializes so much and do such a good job in total park planning and development of the individual elements within a park, made us want to go with PDG."

Oklahoma City Parks and Recreation Department

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